Bulk Sugar Beets for Sale in Menominee, MI

Deer Hunters – Sugar Beets by the bag or tractor scoop for sale in Menominee, MI. We currently have 25 tons in stock! They will be available until the end of October or the beginning of November 2021.

Purchase Sugar Beets from Raven Wood Gardens LLC by appointment. Contact us to set something up today! 1-(715) 923-9362.

  • $12.00 per 75# bag
  • $45 per tractor scoop

As a bonus to our customers, our bags are larger than the average gas station bags. So you’re getting a better deal.

Sugar Beets are sweet and delicious treats for wildlife of all kinds. Whether you are trying bait deer for deer hunting, or help fatten the local wildlife up before winter, Sugar Beets are a fantastic and healthy food.

Did you know that Sugar Beets don’t rot like apples will? And, as a bonus, as they freeze, they sweeten up. The large size of the beets makes the animals stick around longer, because they really have to work at it. This makes a great opportunity for both hunters and wildlife photographers to get that amazing shot.

For more information about Sugar Beets, check out the Wikipedia entry!

Bulk Sugar Beets for Sale in Menominee, MI
Bulk Sugar Beets for Sale in Menominee, MI

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